Cambridge Theatre Seat Chart and Guide

The Cambridge Theatre is one of the youngest West End theatres, making it one of the most accessible and with much better views. The auditorium is divided into three levels: The Stalls on the same level as the stage, the Dress Circle - one level above the Stalls - and the Upper Circle, which is the highest level in the auditorium. The stage has a high proscenium arch, making views from all three levels exceptionally good. Each section is set behind the one below, so overhanging balconies that obstruct views are not an issue at the Cambridge Theatre as they often are in other theatres. For the current production of Matilda the Musical the set extends out from the stage, into the auditorium. This makes the audience feel more involved in the action and closer to it.


The Stalls offers generous legroom and the seats feel comfortable throughout. The stage is low, so people sitting in the first few rows are not required to look up for extended periods of time in order to see. The section has a full central aisle, giving aisle seats extra legroom in each row. The seats are well raked, with good views over the audience in front of you and clear views of the stage. The rows are not long enough to restrict the view at the end of each row, so even seats towards the ends of rows have an excellent view of the stage.

Dress Circle

The Dress Circle is the first level of seats above the stalls and looks down on the stage. This section is set behind and above the Stalls. This allows for wide-angle views of the entire stage. The Dress Circle is divided into three equally sized blocks of seats, with two central aisles providing opportunities for extra legroom.

Upper Circle

This section of the auditorium is divided into a front and rear section. The front section provides good views of the stage and allows an excellent sense of perspective, looking straight down at the action. Legroom is more restricted in the rear section, and views may be obstructed by the safety rails along the front of the balcony and around each of the stairwells.


Where are the best seats for children at the Cambridge Theatre?

The current show at the Cambridge Theatre, Matilda the Musical allows booster seats for children under the age of 6 years old. These can be used to help smaller children see over the heads of people in front. The auditorium is very well raked, which supports better sight lines. Some children may prefer to sit closer to the action, in which case the Stalls are better, especially to be able to see the action in the central aisle. Slightly older children may prefer to sit in the Dress Circle to be able to take in the whole stage more effectively. The front of the Upper Circle is also suitable for children, but please note that this section does feel quite high, and some children may not like being this far away from the stage. For easiest accessibility, many parents find that sitting on an aisle is most convenient for the toilets and other facilities.

Where are the Restricted View seats?

There are a limited number of restricted view seats at the Cambridge Theatre. These are all located in the rear of the Upper Circle and are priced accordingly. Rows J and K 13-16 and 25-28 surround the stairwells and are restricted by the additional safety rails around them. These seats are usually allocated as £5 day seats for 16-25 year-olds. The final two rows of the Upper Circle are the second cheapest tickets in the venue, as these also are restricted somewhat by the front safety rail. Any restricted view seats sold should be clearly marked on your ticket.

What if I am hard of sight or hearing?

The auditorium is fitted with an infra-red hearing loop system, which works well on all levels of the auditorium. These are available from the box office on arrival. Binoculars are available in front of the seats in the Upper Circle for a small hire charge and should be replaced after use.

How many steps are there in the theatre?

The main foyer has step free access through two sets of doors. The stalls are 5 steps down from ground level, and the Dress Circle is 31 steps up to the rear of the section. There are over 60 steps up to the back of the Upper Circle. All staircases have two handrails.

Where are the toilets located?

Stalls: Women and Men's toilets are at the back of the section. Royal Circle: Women's is up 3 steps and men's on the same level as the bar. Access Toilet: Situated in the Stalls corridor.

Where are the bars located?

Each of the three levels has its own bar. The Stalls bar is below the stalls, down 22 steps from the entrance. The Dress Circle bar is up 31 steps from the foyer. Drinks may be brought to disabled customers in the auditorium.

Are there wheelchair facilities in the theatre?

There are two spaces for wheelchair users available in the auditorium, seats N1 and N34 in the Stalls. Transfer seats are also available in the Stalls, with room for 4 wheelchairs and 2 scooters to be stored. To book any of these seats, please contact the the access team at the Cambridge Theatre on 020 7087 7966 or