Prince Edward Theatre Seat Chart and Guide

The Prince Edward Theatre can be found on Old Compton street in the bustling neighbourhood of Soho in central London. The theatre is built with an unusual dark red brick and has a stunning art deco auditorium. However, it hasn’t always been used as a theatre - it has previously housed cinema and even a boxing ring. The auditorium is split into the usual three levels. The Stalls are on the same level as the stage, the Dress Circle in above the Stalls and the Grand Circle is the highest balcony. There are boxes attached to the front of the Dress and Upper Circles which make for a more intimate viewing experience.

The Stalls

The Prince Edward Theatre’s auditorium is exceptionally generous in size. The Stalls feel particularly spacious. The section is divided into a front and back, with the back section divided again into three equal sections by two aisles. These rear sections have no obstructions and the seating is roomy. The whole of the Stalls is well-raked, which gives a clear view over people’s heads in front. The stage is quite wide but most of the seats are in line with it, apart from the ends of rows M -ZC. The overhang from the Dress Circle begins at row R but its effect is minimal. As the Stalls section is so vast, seats at the back can feel a bit far from the stage. The seating is comfortable and has generous legroom, with aisle seats providing even more space.

The Dress Circle

The Dress Circle is divided into a number of distinct sections. The front section consists of only five rows divided by a wide centre aisle, making each section feel very intimate. This is often the most expensive section but it provides the best views in the theatre. The back of the Dress Circle is divided into three blocks of differing sizes; there is a larger middle section with two smaller ones either side. A safety rail at the centre ends of rows A - E can cause some obstruction of views. The overhang of the Upper Circle begins at row L but only really affects audience members in the last two rows. Legroom isn’t as generous as the Stalls but is still better than many West End theatres. The side boxes are well priced, but offer a side on view of the stage.

The Grand Circle

This is the highest level in the theatre, and in a venue as large at the Prince Edward it can feel quite high. The Grand Circle has steep steps and is not suitable for those that suffer from Vertigo. As with the rest of the theatre, this level is divided into front and back sections, which are again divided into smaller sections. The best seats are in the middle of the central section. Seats in the Grand Circle curve around the auditorium and can feel extremely cramped, and the sightlines are affected at the ends of rows. Prices are reduced towards the rear of the section. The boxes in the Upper Circle are high and isolated with a  side view of the stage.


Where are the best seats for children?

Children will be more able to maintain focus if they have a clear view of the stage. The middle of the Stalls and front of the Dress Circle are best for this reason, and aisle seats will allow for easy access.

Are there wheelchair facilities?

There is a step-free entrance through a double door opening outwards onto Greek Street. There is then a very short ramp up into Box 1 in the Dress Circle where there is space for wheelchair users and two companions. If you are able to transfer from your seat there is allocated seating in row A. The theatre is only able to store two wheelchairs and one scooter per performance. Please contact the access team to discuss your visit on 0344 482 5137 or email  A discount is available for wheelchair users and patrons who have specific access requirements subject to availability.

Are there facilities for people or are D/deaf or hard of hearing?

Infrared headsets are available from the dedicated access attendant for a £5 refundable deposit. Please enquire at the theatre box office at the start of your visit, ring the access line on 0344 482 5137 or email in advance.

Can I bring my assistance dog?

Assistance dogs are permitted in the auditorium, or theatre staff are happy to dog sit.

Are there facilities for people with Autism/ASD?

The Prince Edward Theatre has a downloadable visual story available for people on the autistic spectrum.

Where are the toilets?

There are male and female toilets on every level of the theatre.

Are there any accessible toilets?

There is a specially adapted toilet on the right-hand side of the main foyer. Patrons requiring the adapted toilets need to exit the theatre on Greek Street and go back into the foyer entrance on Old Compton Street. Staff are more than happy to provide assistance.

Does the theatre have a bar?

There are 5 licensed bars in the Prince Edward Theatre: the Mozart Bar in the main foyer, the Stalls Bar, the Dress Circle Bar and the Upper Circle Bar. There is also a dedicated Soft Drinks Bar at Stalls level. The access attendant is happy to bring drinks to disabled customers.